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Customer Development Workshop for Startups

Kerala Startup Mission is organizing Customer Development Workshop for Startups. The session will be handled by Mr.Srikanth Vasuraj, Founder & Principal Consultant at Nodiva

Date:9 Feb 2018
Timing:11 Am – 3 PM
Venue: Kerala Startup Mission Meetup Cafe, Thejaswini Building, Technopark, Trivandrum

Topics Covered

1. Product Positioning - Explain with real-life examples
2. Go-to-Market - Key steps
2. Lead Generation Strategies - Techniques and channels
3. First reach-out to a prospective customer:
    -  Email introduction - Structure & Techniques to elicit response
    -  Cold Calling - Explain the 10-second rule
4. Product Presentation - How to make it customer-centric
5. Lead Nurturing - What to do to convert 'interest to invoice'
6. Pricing - Create value
7. Hiring - What to do as a start-up to get the right sales talent
8. Q&A and One-on-One Session to help with specific issues and challenges
9. Closure

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