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World Startup Fest

largest international Startup Festival in the country, World Startup Fest, on February 15 & 16 2018 in Bangalore, India.

WSF is a confluence of discussions about emerging technology, entrepreneurship and global economy, packed with 48 hours of pure contents delivered based on the 25 conference tracks in a duration of 2 days with the help 180+ inspirational and diverse speakers spread across industries. We firmly believe that to disrupt the world, individual mindsets needs to be disrupted first, at WSF we program the event to disrupt minds in helping building industries and disrupting business. 

The festival, an essential destination for entrepreneurs and innovators, features keynotes, firesides, stories, workshops, pitches, exhibition and plethora of networking opportunities. WSF is able to prove that disrupting industries happen by disrupting individual mindsets, by blending in perspectives of experienced founders and updating knowledge about emerging technologies.

We want your help in addressing to the startup community about the urgency of aplying for our awards program implemented by the most reputed Global Startup Awards, as the deadline is on Dec 6. You can spread the word by:

1. Sharing our youtube teaser video in your facebook network  @ https://youtu.be/VwOJrkhpYjI
2. Invite your networkto like our page, prefereably over messenger @ www.fb.com/worldstartupfest
3. Invite your network to our event @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1972480919681561/
4. Also invite your network of startups to apply for the awards at www.worldstartupfest.com/awards