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InFinIT20 – Entrepreneur Mentorship Program by RBL Bank & Startup India

InFinIT20 – Entrepreneur Mentorship Program by RBL Bank & Startup India
What You Will Get: The selected startups or innovators will get,
  • Mentorship for 3 months in two skills (the areas you most need mentorship in)
  • Opportunity to network with Industry Specialists
  • Banking Assistance from RBL Bank
  • Early Traction & Scaling startups will be additionally given an opportunity to present their ideas to our investor partners
Who can Apply: Anyone who has a good idea, or is working on a solution, in fintech & related sectors (InsuranceTech, Wealth Management, AgriFinance, Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, Digital Contracts, Digital Lending, Artificial Intelligence, and Block Chain). The startup can be at ideation, validation, early traction, or scaling stages. You do not need to have an established company. 
Mentor Panel: Leadership of RBL Bank, as well as external partners such as BlueBolt Accelerator, Grant Thornton, 1Crowd, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, Astarc Ventures, etc.
Applications close on 28th Feb 2018. In case you need any further assistance or clarification, please contact Palak Bhatia at palak.bhatia@investindia.org.in.