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Hult Prize 2018

     This December, get ready to resurrect your imagination. Get ready to team up and change the world to a better place than you found it.Your calling is the challenge presented as part of Hult Prize 2018. "Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people". Now rack your brains,team up in 3 or 4, and set yourself out on a journey that would take you to the United Nations headquarters. 

     Wait...before that,register yourselves on or before December 13 and take your team to CET this December 21 to win the campus edition of Hultprize wherein the winners will bypass 50,000 contestants and secure a direct entry to the regionals!!! 

     Yes,you read that right! The regionals in the continent level!! So what are you waiting for? God speed be on your journey to the prize money of 1 million USD!!! See you at College of Engineering,Trivandrum this December 21st...ready to take on the world and travel to the regionals. 

All the best !

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