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Redento Technologies LLP

Ours is a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing assistive technology devices  for differently abled people. We promote greater independence and degree of freedom and safety by enabling people to perform tasks that they had difficulty with or were unable to accomplish on their own. We cater to diverse needs of the person in need based on their particular limitation. We collaborate with medical professionals in developing technology for the needy and bring it out in the market as and when required.
Our Products and Services
  • Seating and positioning aids that provide body support such as adapted seating, cushions, standing tables, positioning belts, braces, cushions and wedges;

  • Mobility aids which help people move within their environments such as electric or manual wheelchairs, modifications of vehicles for travel, scooters, crutches, canes and walkers;
  • Transfer devices such that it can easily and safely transfer people from one position to another like wheelchair to a car.
  • Environmental control systems help people control various appliances such as switches for appliances like the telephone/TV, and are activated by pressure, eyebrows or breath.
  • Prosthetics and orthotics being the replacement or augmentation of body parts with artificial limbs or other orthotic aids, such as splits or braces;