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Sansayu Network

Sansayu Network

Executive Summary

SanSayu will be a a hyper-local digital marketing, restaurant discovery platform connecting restaurants and users. It will utilize artificial intelligence, Ethereum’s blockchain and a cryptocurrency token. Restaurants will be able to advertise on the network and users can make use of discount coupons.

SanSayu aims to build a database of user’s eating habits, restaurant preferences and overall tastes from which artificial intelligence can provide each individual user with personalized restaurant recommendations that are adjusted specifically to them. With these recommendations and blockchain based high quality restaurant information, SanSayu will become the new standard for restaurant discovery platforms with trustworthy information.

SanSayu is creating a token-based economy where food lovers and bloggers from around the world will be rewarded for sharing information and for providing high quality reviews, photographs and videos of restaurants. Users can then use the token to buy restaurant coupons and gift cards or even make payments at participating restaurants. The token can also be used as payment by restaurants that decide to advertise or market on the SanSayu platform.


We want to build our business with a focus on driving the next phase of technology adoption. We aim to grow the SanSayu platform into a financial technology (fintech) business. The tokens will be storable in a wallet and debit card within the SanSayu service. We consider ourselves as an innovative company, trying to make the best use of technology for the benefit of restaurant loving people.

What Makes SanSayu Unique

SanSayu analyzes the restaurant ratings, view history, likes, search history, follows, followers and other actions to provide users with personalized restaurant recommendations and search results that match their individual preferences and tastes. Similarly, each user’s search results are curated with artificial intelligence to make sure users only get the best 10 restaurants based on their preferences. This makes it fast and easy to pick a restaurant to dine at!


  • Our aim is at introducing, promoting and connecting restaurants to diners.
  • Our goal will be to show restaurants how valuable online customer introductions and feedbacks can be.
  • Our services will help restaurant owners to promote the unique aspects of their restaurants, fill their empty tables and improve their profits while helping consumers dine out more often and more affordably.
  • Our value-added services such as corporate partnerships along with the gift cards will help refer hundreds of thousands of diners from the site each month to the restaurants.