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Abiaam Cloud Solution

CEO : Alex Paul Joseph
Product Name: Cofetable
Contact: +91 9746831430
Cofetable is a wedding planning and management website and app which helps couples plan their wedding and save their memories forever. The platform will host detailed information about wedding vendors across Kerala to help users find local vendors within their budget and style. It will also offer a one-time paid cloud system that can save your most precious memories for lifetime.It consists of the following features:
Wedding Website
It's a private feature that stores everything about your wedding in one place. Create the perfect wedding website and app that makes sharing and coordinating all the details of a wedding. From managing guests to capturing the joy of your special day for years to come - It's all in one place. Users can also access these features using our mobile app.
Vendors Showcase
It will list vendors over the following categories namely, Venues, Bridal Wear, Groom Wear, Photographers, Wedding Planners, Makeup Artists, Mehndi Artists, Accessories, Decor, Cinematographers, Cakes, DJs, Choreographers, Jewelers and Invitations. Vendors will also be depending on the quality of their work and pricing. Users can identify suitable vendors with the help of various filters and view end-to-end details about the vendors, including email, phone number, reviews, photos of their work and other FAQs.  
Online Bookings
The company plans to launch an online booking model for its users. Brides and Grooms can share their requirements and the vendor then confirms availability and gives a quote. By paying nominal booking charges, the user can process to book the vendor via Cofetable.  
The Gallery will showcase inspiring and unique photos. Users can browse through this section to identify vendors and style which catch their eye. The Real Weddings section in it will feature recently married couples, along with their photos and experiences.