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TNS Security Centre

Liyo Paul
CEO, TNS Security Centre

Mail me : liyopaul@mca.ajce.in
Mobile : +91 9633987084
TNS Security Centre is Software firm which collaborate both Software and Security. In this time, everything going to be digital, if it all data is digital then next is secure digital content. We having knowledge both security and digitization

our current products are 

Anti-Virus Software (desktop App)

 Those who having a desktop / laptop 
Protecting Virus, malwares, attacks from PC & laptops, system management tools.
data recovery. AI (artificial Intelligent) based detection

Web phone Manager (android App)
Those who worked in the environment. they don't have a access to their phones. mainly for IT professionals
web interface to see call logs, messages contacts, remote access to the phone.
switch off, tracking, silent mode, on/off internet.

Matrimonial portal (web app)
Those who have a matrimonial service.
web app that their customers can register search for partner, contact them, chat them, client have option to generate payment packages etc.

Restaurant Manager (web App)
those who having a restaurant.
Managing order, food preparation, delivery. cash management, shop management, accounting are the main tasks.

Catering Manager (web app)
Those who having a event management /catering service
Managing taking order, kitchen management, delivery. cash, credits, accounting are the main tasks.

Hotel /House boat Booking (online portal/web app)
Those who own a hotel or house boat
booking seats/rooms though online booking service. and managing bookings. blocking rooms.

ERP Software (Desktop app)
Gold loan companies, chitty companies, jewelleries, retail shops etc.
managing office tasks, accounting, etc. and user defined tasks also included

 ** web apps can be Accessed by anywhere using internet. everything is stored in the internet.