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Satkriya Healthcare Innovations

Satkriya Healthcare Innovations is a Pvt. Ltd company with a mission to Deliver Quality Primary Healthcare services to bottom of the pyramid population which is almost 70% of total Indian population. They are on a mission to solve one of the major challenges that Rural India faces now on Healthcare- Lack of Quality healthcare in Indian Villages. They created an Innovative and sustainable model of Healthcare delivery for Indian Villages. The delivery model addresses all the healthcare related problems of the entire village. Since inception, this model attracted many healthcare professionals to work in Villages and also proved to be a successful delivery model by treating more than 200,000patients across 8 different villages so far.
Company runs a chain of 10 bedded rural hospitals by the name, Our Family Clinic (OFC). Each centers caters rural/semi urban population of around 25000-40000 people. The centre operates in one of the most accessible locations. It has facilities for Doctor Consultations, Minor Surgical Procedures, Inpatient beds (up to 10 beds), Diagnostic Laboratory, Pharmacy, Child care and Emergency care. Thus providing all the essential services within the village itself and thereby reducing the cost burden.  All the centers operate 24 hrs, and an experienced MBBS Doctor is available round the clock in every village centre. There will be 10 staffs in every centre including Doctors, trained nurses, Laboratory assistants, Pharmacists etc.
  • This is an Affordable and sustainable Model for Rural Population still maintaining the Quality of the services offered.
Pricing for services is based on the per capita income of that population- One Unit is ‘One Family’ and consultation charges varies from Rs50-Rs 70 for a family of 5. (That is hardly 10-15 rupees per person). More than 200,000 patients treated so far.
  • 24/7 availability of Doctors in Villages
  • Providing all the healthcare needs of village in one centre
  • Completely digitalized Health centre-
First of its kind in India, they have developed a Clinic management system- which will be completely paper less, maintaining electronic health records of the entire village population, Analyzing the disease patterns for prevention of communicable diseases etc.
  • Business model: All the centers are self sustainable from 3rd month of operation and break even in less than 14 months.

They are expanding to 80 more villages in India within 3 years from now and planning to impact more than 3 million lives.