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Eduknw Techno Solutions

TIN / PIN     : 32050797254
CST Registration number    :  32050791254C
Email    : info@eduknow.info
Phone     : 9496938686 ; 9061037828   
Web site     : www.eduknow.info
EDUKNOW TECHNO SOLUTIONS is an Edu-Tech & Media company providing information technology engagement solutions for enterprises and small and medium-sized business (SMBs).  Products we currently working on are Eduknow, Transit Baggage Tracker, Dine Up and Parcel weight / Count Trackers for ware houses
Eduknow:  Eduknow is an engagement and marketing tool for educational institutions. It helps in updating the parents with relevant information of activities related with their ward and educational institution.
Transit Baggage Tracker :  It is a simple and universally adaptable system for tracking Baggage across airports for passengers and decreasing the count of missing luggage and minimizes the waiting period at airport carousal.
Dineup:     Dine up is a Smartphone based menu card system designed for restaurants, hotels and resorts. We use advanced technologies like beacons for a better end user experience.  
Parcel weight / Count Trackers:  It is an electronic device to track the material handling at a ware house. Which is an electro-mechanical equipment used for the tracking of loading and unloading goods and products throughout the process of shipping or distribution.
Revenue of EduKnow comes from various sources such as affiliate marketing (Eduknow App) , advertisement (Eduknow App, Transit Baggage Tracker) , Curetted contents (EduKnow App) , Licensing patents (Transit Baggage Tracker, Dine up) , and Fee for service (EduKnow App, Dineup, Transit Baggage Tracker), E-Commerce (EduKnow App, Dineup).
JITHIN SHAH ( Chief Executive Officer ) Focuses on the end user products, has 8 years experience in developing web based products.
GIGI DEVASY (Chief Innovations Officer)  Focuses on the organizational innovation through technology and manages the end to end product quality.
TENNYMOL KURIAN ( Cheif Coordinator. Coordinates the projects and client coordination.
EBY THOMAS  (Chief Technical Officer ) Chief Architect of our engagement platform, an expert in building scalable systems.   
VIPIN GEORGE (Development and Operation ) Cyber Security expert with experience in maintaining our backend.